Dragon's Watch is a turn-based tactical battle game, which seems simple at first but is actually very deep and strategic.

Typically, you take a squad of six Heroes into quest, arranged in a circle.

In a given turn, you can rotate your squad before attacking. The three of your heroes at the front can attack. Then, it's the enemy's turn - they can attack your front three heroes.

Heroes at the back are generally safe from attack, and will recover hit points (HP) during the turn. If one of your Heroes has taken damage, it's a good idea to rotate them to the back for the next turn, to give them a chance to recover.

The Revolver

Most of the control in quests is done via the Revolver. It's designed so that the game can be easily controlled with your thumb.

The Revolver is made of six segments, each representing one of your Heroes.

At the start of your turn, you can rotate your squad's formation by rotating the Revolver. Once you're happy with the formation, tap on one of the segments on the right hand side of the Revolver to trigger that Hero to attack.

Once you've attacked, the Revolver can no longer be rotated. You can attack with each of the front three Heroes once, in any order, on your turn.

The Battlefield

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 16.16.57

Close-up of Heroes and Enemies on the Battlefield

Above the Revolver is the Battlefield. As you rotate and attack with the Revolver, so your Heroes on the Battlefield will respond.

Underneath each Hero on the Battlefield is an indicator showing their Level (the number), their Hit Points (HP/health - the green bar) and their Mana (the blue or yellow bars). These bars are also replicated on the Hero's segment of the Revolver.

Mana and Special Moves

Defeating enemies releases Mana. Heroes collect this Mana, which causes their Mana Bar to fill up. Once the Mana Bar is full, a magical glow appears over the Hero (and on the Mana Bar on their Revolver segment) to indicate that they are now able to perform a Special Move.

If a Hero can perform a Special Move on their turn, and that Hero is rotated to the front, you can pull out and release their Revolver segment to trigger the move. Some Heroes' Special Moves are attacks (in which case they have a blue Mana Bar), others are support moves - like heals, buffs or debuffs which will somehow affect them, some or all of your squad, or the enemy. 

The Leader

The Hero who starts in the Leader Slot at the front (in the 3 o'clock position on the Revolver) is the Leader for this quest. All Heroes have a Leader Skill, which can affect your heroes and enemies. If a Hero is in the Leader Slot, their (and only their) Leader Skill will be applied for the quest - so choose your leader carefully!

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