Dragon's Watch - iOS and Android Battle RPG - Trailer

Dragon's Watch - iOS and Android Battle RPG - Trailer

You take 6 Heroes into a quest. A quest consists of a number of waves. You must defeat all the enemies in a wave before moving onto the next one.

Once you have defeated all the waves of enemies, you'll get to the end of a quest and be rewarded with a treasure chest full of loot - more HeroesCrafting Ingredients, Gems and Gold .

The last quest in each region is a Boss fight. If you defeat the boss, you'll rescue a dragon egg. Hatch the dragon egg to complete the Region!

During a quest, you control the game using the Revolver , a unique control system designed to give you tactical control in battles even if you're just playing one-handed.

After a quest, you can Summon new heroes in the temple, or the tavern .

You can make heroes more powerful by fusing other (unwanted) heroes into them, or evolving.

Heroes each have an Element - fire, water, earth, light or dark. you can tell which Element a hero is by their colour fire-red, water-blue, earth-green, light-yellow, dark-purple. Some Elements get extra boosts when they attack others - for example, water is strong against fire. 

Each hero has a Hero Card which shows you the hero's stats - their strengths and weaknesses - as well as their skills.

Choosing which Heroes to take into a quest is an important element of the game. Some Heroes work well together, or well against certain types of enemies. Also important is how you arrange your squad of heroes on the Revolver, to take maximum advantage of their skills.

As well the single-player story mode, Dragon's Watch features real-time Player-vs-Player (PVP) play.

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