Each Hero has an element - Fire, Water, Earth, Light or Dark.

Elements have an elemental against another. This means you will deal double damage by attacking with a Hero with elemental advantage.

Element indicator
The Element Indicator, shown during Quests and on the Team Select screen, shows you the relationship between elements.
  • Water beats Fire
  • Fire beats Earth
  • Earth beats Water
  • Light beats Dark
  • Dark beats Light

Note this means that a Light Hero will do double damage when attacking a Dark Enemy but will also receive double damage when that enemy hits back.

  • Fire Heroes are red (or feature a lot of red)
  • Water Heroes are blue
  • Earth Heroes are green
  • Light Heroes are yellow
  • Dark Heroes are Purple

Because elemental advantages are so powerful, it's important to take the enemy's elements into account when choosing which Heroes to have on your squad for a given quest.

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