A Hero Card shows all of a Hero's stats.

Element - Dr Vortex, shown here, has a dark (purple) element. This is shown both in the top left corner of his Hero Card, and also by his general colouring.

Hero Class - A Hero's class (Mage, Battlecaster etc) gives an indication as to how their stats will be balanced.

Power - the star rating indicates how powerful the Hero is. Generally, four-star Heroes can be evolved into 5- and then 6-star ones by levelling them up with fusion.

Level - the Hero's level relative to their max.level.

Evolves At - once the Hero reaches this level, it can be evolved.

Padlock - tap to toggle whether a Hero is locked for fusion.

Hit Points (HP) - when a Hero is attacked, they will lose HP. If HP reaches zero, that Hero will die (although Heroes never fully die, they are just removed from the current quest)

Attack (ATK) - The higher this is, the more powerful the Hero's attack, and the more damage they'll inflict.

Defence (DEF) - The higher this is, the less damage a Hero will take when attacked.

Recovery (REC) - The amount of HP a Hero recovers each turn they are on the backline (ie not at the front of the Revolver).

Special Move (Siphon shown)- Heroes can use their Special Move when they have collected enough Mana in combat.

Leader Skill (Deconstruct shown) - Heroes have a Leader Skill, which applies if they are in the Leader Slot on the Revolver .

Passive Skill (Undead Shown) - A Passive Skill applies whether or not the Hero is in the Leader Slot .

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