Dragon's Watch has 14 story mode Regions, each with Normal, Hard and Nightmare level quests, and unique new Heroes to collect. Reaching a new Region unlocks those Heroes to be summoned. Each Region's Main Hero set contains 4-, 5- and 6- star heroes of each Element. Collecting all those Heroes will free the Region's Golden Guardian, and that ultra-rare Hero will then be gifted to you. There are many other Hero Sets as well, which unlock as the game progresses.

Region Name Main Hero Set Boss Release Date
1 Filchett Forest Pixies Greinigor, the Unstoppable At launch
2 The Rotten Keep Dark Conjurers Ossis Galahad At launch
3 Perilos Pirates Captain Hellbeard At launch
4 Tombs of Takharra Egyptian Gods Carrion Cleo At launch
5 Glommgarde Wraiths Spectral Mannequin At launch
6 Labyrinth of Trials Greek Monsters Hydraxis At launch
7 Arcadia Warriors Cloud Guardian At launch
8 Madness Peak Snow Monsters Frosting Remains ?
9 Carnivale Circus Astonishing Steve ?
10 Subatlantis Sea Monsters Empress Calamara ?
11 Cambria Dinosaurs ? ?
12 Club Inferno Vampires ? ?
13 Cistercia Thieves ? ?
14 Palace de Rigeur Guards ? ?
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