Here, you can summon new Heroes. Heroes are summoned at random from the currently unlocked Hero Sets. Some Heroes are rarer than others.

Tavern Summon

Summon one or more Heroes - pay with Ale. The Heroes summoned in the tavern tend to be less powerful than those from the Temple. You can summon up to six at a time, if you have enough Ale.

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Temple Summon

The Temple is where you can summon the most rare and powerful Heroes, for Gems or Summon Tickets. All Temple Summons give 3* or better Heroes.


Every Hero has a rarity - that is, how likely it is that you'll get that Hero when you summon. Note - rarity is different from the Hero's Power - which is denoted by the number of stars they have.

The levels of rarity are:

  1. Heroic - the most common Heroes.
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. Legendary - the very rarest Heroes
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