The odds on getting a given Hero from a summon depend on these factors:

  1. Summoning Pool - How many Heroes are currently available to summon. if summoning from a smaller pool (early in the game) you are more likely to get any given Hero from that pool.
  2. Stars - Heroes with more Stars are less likely to be summoned in the Tavern. In the Temple, a summon currently gives an equal chance of a 3 or 4 star Hero.
  3. Rarity - Common Heroes are most likely to be summoned, then Rare, then Epic, then Legendary.
  4. A/B variant - many Heroes have a much rarer 'B' variant (shown in the same location in the Library).
  5. Events - During an event, the odds of getting a given Hero, or a Hero of a certain type, can be increased. For example, a Fire event might increase the odds of getting a Fire Hero by three times.

As the game is being tweaked for balancing, the odds might vary. The current odds for Temple Summons are below:

Common Rare Epic Legendary
1 - - - -
2 - - - -
3 28.340% 18.219% 2.429% 1.012%
4 28.340% 18.219% 2.429% 1.012%

To illustrate, players have a 1.012+1.012% (=2.024%) chance of gaining a Legendary Hero in a Temple Summon. So, if there are 10 Legendary, 4* Heroes in the summon pool at that time, players have a 1.012/10 = 0.1012% chance of getting any individual Legendary, 4* Hero with a single Temple Summon.

Currently, most events increase the odds of summoning a given class of Heroes by a 3 times. The current Christmas/Krampus summon event increases the odds of summoning Krampus (a specific legendary Hero) by 25 times.

Currently, the chances of summoning a B variant of a Hero are 20%.

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