Dragon's Watch Wiki

Dragon's Watch (www.dragons.watch) is a free-to-play tactical battle RPG for mobile devices.

For centuries, the realm of Kagria has been at peace, overseen by the sacred dragons. Every hundred years, the dragons ascend into the heavens, leaving behind their eggs, which will hatch to become the next generation of Kagria's protectors. After the 'Ascension', which is a time of great celebration, the eggs are guarded by the Dragon's Watch, an elite band of guards, each region's Watch led by one of the revered Golden Guardians. However, following the most recent Ascension, the eggs have vanished, captured by evil forces determined to bring chaos to Kagria. The Golden Guardians have vanished, and the Dragon's Watch have been possessed by powerful magic. A small group of novice adventurers meet, by chance, in a tavern outside Filchett Forest, and realise that their destiny has changed forever. They must head out across Kagria, rescuing the dragon eggs, freeing the Dragon's Watch from their possession, and returning peace to the region.

Dragon's Watch is a game which is easy and fun to start playing, but which has a great deal of depth and strategy. This wiki is here to help players understand the intricacies of the game.

The best place to start is by reading the Core Concepts. You can download the game to your iOS and Android phone via this link.

See also the Dragon's Watch website, Dragon's Watch forum and The Secret Police website for more information.